The violin has become Daniela Diaz’s most loyal companion throughout her musical journey. She started playing as part of “El Sistema”, the Venezuelan social foundation and music program that provided her with positive values for her life as a musician.

As part of the Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela, Daniela has traveled all over the world while meeting people from diverse backgrounds, connecting with places and communities through music. Diaz is also an avid chamber musician, having studied with members of the Latinoamericano, Cavani, and Dali String Quartets. She has taken part in chamber music competitions and important International Festivals in Venezuela and the United States such as: The Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio Music Institute, Dali Quartet International Music Festival, and Nuevo Mundo Festival.

Daniela completed her education with Professor Dmitri Berlinsky at Michigan State University. In addition, she remains active premiering new music and enjoys collaborating with composers while exploring new musical horizons.