Alison Vasquez

Director, Playwright, Teatrista • 


Alison Vasquez, MFA from San Antonio, TX, is a director, playwright, teatrista, and instructor of theatre (The University of Texas at Austin). She completed her Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) The Ohio State University, and Bachelor’s in Acting (BA), University of Northern Colorado. She performed as a company member and director with CP Repertory Theatre Company for seven years traveling extensively in Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and the United States. Her chapter “Representation Matters: the why and how of decolonizing Stanislavski actor training” is included in the edited volume: Stages of Reckoning: Antiracist and Decolonial Actor Training, Editor Amy Mihyang Ginther, Routledge.

Notable Theatre: Playwriting: La Flor de La Canela, This Above All, The
Camouflage Project, Tejano Pastorela. Directing: Angel Street, Simply Simone (Little Theatre of the Rockies); Panza Monologues, Tejano Pastorela (Teatro Audaz San Antonio); This Above All, Trojan Women (San Antonio College); Comedy of Errors, Zoot, ¡Luchadora! (Palo Alto College). Acting: La Flor de La Canela
(The Wexner Center; BAAD Ass Women’s Festival NYC); House of Flesh (Yoma
Shipwrecked! (Whistling in the Dark Theatre Company); The Sunshine Boy’s, Picnic (Little Theatre of the Rockies); Othello (Alison Bomber, Director, OSU/Royal Shakespeare Company).

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