Andrea Beatriz Longoria López

Andrea Beatriz Longoria López

Andrea is a commercial banker at Comerica Bank—the largest bank headquartered in Texas. At Comerica her focus is to serve the export-import industry as well as the government service sector. Andrea also sits on the Hispanic Initiative Board within Comerica where she reaches, engages, and provides services to the Hispanic community in the San Antonio metropolitan area.

Prior to Comerica, Andrea worked at a boutique private equity firm where she helped oversee a $60 million asset management portfolio. Also, fresh out of college, Andrea worked at a smaller financial institution where she helped manage a billion-dollar commercial portfolio.

Andrea is originally from Reynosa, Tamaulipas. She holds a bachelor’s degree in real estate finance & development from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Andrea’s love for music began in her piano classes where she was overshadowed by her now-composer sister: Edna Alejandra Longoria. Andrea’s biggest passion in life is to accompany Edna to her premiers across the globe. Andrea is (self-acclaimed) Edna’s #1 fan and biggest supporter of her work. For more info about Edna, go to:

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